Welcome to Project Access of Wake County


Wake County Physicians are generous, compassionate and caring. Since 2000, over 585 physicians and clinical staff have continued to donate care to poor uninsured men, women and children through Project Access of Wake County (PA). They are leaders in collaborating with community health clinics and Wake County Hospitals to deliver care to many who had little hope for feeling better or receiving extraordinary treatment. Lives have been changed because of their passion to help people get and stay well.

Project Access of Wake County is a physician referral program, which means qualified enrollees can only be referred into the program due to medical necessity. These enrollees are carefully screened for eligibility before being referred.

About Project Access of Wake County


Who We Are

Project Access connects low-income, uninsured people to donated care across Wake County through one of our partner safety-net primary care clinics.


What We Do

Project Access coordinates a network volunteer specialists and other health care providers, making it easier for them to donate medically necessary care to the low-income uninsured in our community.


Our Vision

Project Access improves the health of our community by effectively linking those in greatest need with health care providers and organizations that have the desire and ability to serve.


Our Mission

The mission of Project Access is to improve the health of our community by creating access to care and services for those most in need.