About Capital Care Collaborative


Our Vision

The Capitalcare Collaborative (CCC) is a membership of safety net providers working collaboratively to develop initiatives to improve the health of the regions medically underserved.


Our Mission

To increase access to appropriate levels of care for, and improve health outcomes of the county's indigent uninsured through collaboration and coordination.


Our Goals

The goals of CCC are to:

  • Increase access to medical care for the uninsured
  • Improve quality of care
  • Access and respond to community health needs


Strategic Commitments:

  • Increase access to primary care for uninsured individuals
  • Increase access to specialty care for uninsured individuals
  • Reduce ED visits


The Capital Care Collaborative, a program of the Wake County Medical Society, was formed in April 2006. This collaborative allows CCC members to provide medical care in a coordinated fashion for the low-income community while facilitating ongoing communication, coordination of services, assessment of community health needs, identification of priorities, and initiation of working partnerships among providers.

The CCC is funded by grants and charitable contributioins. For information about CCC or to contribute funds to support our successful programs, please contact Jennifer Brighton at jbrighton@wcmschf.org